Case Study 4: Tourism Marketing


Planning, design and execution of strategies for the international promotion of Panama as a tourist destination.

Strategy: Planning, design and execution of international promotion campaigns. Negotiation of agreements with national and international airlines, wholesalers and tour operators, among others.

Bridge Campaign - Panama´s International Promotion

  • Objective: Create awareness and awaken the desire to purchase the destination Panama in the USA and Canada, through a digital marketing campaign during 8 months. Budget: B /. 6,000,000.00
  • Actions:
    • Develop the RFP, bases and requirements for an international bidding to contract a company with high quality standards in digital media in the United States and Canada.
    • Contracting of the Star Holding Consortium and launching the Bridge Campaign as of October 2019.
  • Results: 55,161,114 people impacted until January 31, 2020.

Stopover Panama Campaign – Developed by PROMTUR & Copa Airlines

  • Objective: Convert passengers in transit at the Tocumen International Airport into tourists who stay in the country for 1 to 7 days.
  • Goal: 125,000 pax by December 2020. Budget: B /. 3,200,000.00
  • Actions:
    • Bridge Campaign Launch Event: October 23, 2019 - Museum of Biodiversity. 31 media representatives (journalists, cameramen and photographers) attend, as well as 250 special guests and opinion leaders.
    • Mega FAM Trip: 44 wholesalers from USA / CAN toured Panama during 10 days.
    • Speed networking event: more than 80 hotels and local tour operators had the opportunity to negotiate directly with international wholesalers.
    • Call for the participation of private companies in the web advertising platform: Panama Stopover microsite.
    • Coordination of the Panorama of the Americas filming in various areas of the country (Panama, Archipielago de las Perlas, Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro).
    • Launch of the Microsite and the digital campaign: Inspirational destination website that promotes value offers provided by: Hotels, operators, restaurants, attractions and car rental companies.
    • Campaign aimed at travelers in: MIAMI, NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, CHICAGO, SAN FRANCISCO, BRAZIL and ECUADOR.
  • Results: from October 2019 to February 2020: total 61,323 air tickets sold from Panama Stopover program.