Case Study 3: Event Coordination

  • Objective: Drive traffic to the Luxury Avenue hall at Multiplaza Mall (Main Mall in the city with presence of luxury brands: Chanel, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, etc)
  • Client: Luxury Avenue – Multiplaza Mall / 2015
  • Strategy: Conceptualize an event with such a different approach that could catch people ́s attention to know and enjoy the Luxury avenue and experience the venue during not traditional shopping hours.
  • Tactic: Host I Love Panama Event. It was the first local event at a mall oriented to showcase local talent in diverse areas such as: Gastronomy – Fashion - art.
  • Results: A successful attendance of 600 people shopping and living the luxury experience while supporting and getting to know local talent too. Sales had at least 30% increase during the event.